DateDescriptionValue (GMD)Balance (GMD)
01/07/12Jawla: Land Donated-
01/07/12Joan £251,2501,250
01/11/12Richmond Street Allotments £311,5502,800
01/11/12Google AdSense £52503,050
01/11/12Dave £42003,250
01/11/12Maria and Sabine9004,150
24/11/12Labour (Digging Soakaway)-3,00011,325
29/11/12Cement (10 x 50kg)-2,2009,125
30/11/12Cement (15 x 50kg)-3,3005,825
01/12/12Cement (7 x 50kg)-1,5404,285
01/12/12Sabine – Digital Camera4,285
01/12/12Susanne, Inga, Maria, Sabine, Ingrid, Sabine and Wener - €30012,700
01/12/12Kris and Holly £526517,250
01/01/13Katja, Jörg und Samira50017,750
01/01/13Katja, Jörg und Samira – SD Card for Camera17,750
01/01/13Dave and Catherine1,00018,750
01/01/13Katja, Jörg und Samira £2099019,740
01/01/13Joan £201,04020,780
01/01/13Christine, Branka and Rainer - €1506,26527,045
04/01/13Cement (10), Labour and Transport-3,15023,895
05/01/132 Days Labour and Cement (10)-3,15020,745
09/01/133 Days Labour and Cement (3)-1,48019,265
20/01/13Iron Rods, Binding Wire, Corrugated Iron, Cement (5) and Labour – Soakaway floor slab-4,45014,815
20/01/13Cement (3), Labour and Sand-4,21010,605
31/01/13Cement (3), Labour and Gravel-3,5107,095
01/04/13Google AdSense £301,5608,655
21/04/13Cement (50) – Blocks for Main Building-11,750-3,095
30/09/14Tim £1007,250
31/12/14Tony £1007,250
31/12/14Joan, Maggie, Mark, Dave £805,80020,000
08/01/15Elena €2008,00028,000
10/01/15Storm Damage Repairs-15,97012,030
27/01/15Daniel, Chris, Brian, Ryan, Spencer $1004,550-26,630
27/01/15Dan Flint $50022,750-3,880
08/04/15Joan, Maggie, Mark and Dave £16011,000-4,230
23/05/15Doors and WindowsTBC
01/09/15Twyfords: 2 small toilets, 2 toilets, 4 hand wash basins and taps
01/04/15Joan, Maggie, Mark and Dave £1409,6252,170
01/09/15Shipping of toilets UK to Gambia £140-7,455
21/09/15Odd Jobs-600-9,855
21/09/15Transport of tables and chairs-1,000-10,855
21/09/15Last mile transport of toilets-1,700-13,555
18/11/15Martin Stierman - pens and sweets-5,900-20,355
18/11/15Joan, Maggie, Mark, Dave £1509,000-11,355
18/11/15Stationary and School Bell-5,900-17,255
18/11/15School Complete and OperationalTotals-17,255
WeeklyLunch for 60 kids-2,000
18/11/15Rainbow Lodge: Salaries for 5 staff12,000
18/11/15Berice Hindle £200: Salaries for 5 staff12,000
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: school uniforms12,000
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: 6 months salary for Classroom Assistant12,000
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: building11,180
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: roofing5,650
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: tiling11,115
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: fitting of doors and windows5,500
January 2016Marc, Vanessa & Freinds: painting and decorating2,525
January 2016Jawla: transport13,450
January 2016Jawla: cement blocks24,650
January 2016Jawla: tiles8,750
January 2016Jawla: miscellaneous16,782
January 2016At Eye Level: classroom and office furniture
January 2016At Eye Level: perimiter wall, additional toilet cubicles, picnic area
January 2016At Eye Level: water tower and 2000 litre tank
January 2016At Eye Level: tiles and tiling
January 2016At Eye Level: painting and decorating
January 2016At Eye Level: plumbing supplying toilets and in school yard
January 2016At Eye Level: planting flowers, bushes and trees in school yard
January 2016At Eye Level: installation of hand wash basins
2016Total cost of works undertaken by At Eye Level480,000
April 2016Tim: £500 for 2 months staff salaries (to May 2016)30,000
April 2016Joan, Ronnie, Mark, Maggie: £250 for 1 months staff salaries (to June 2016)15,000
April 2016Dan Flint: £750 for 3 months staff salaries (to September 2016)45,000
July 2016Joan: 20 children's books
August 2016Dan Flint: cash donation110,000
November 2016Joan: £703,700
November 2016Mark: £703,700
January 2016Joan: £201,000
January 2016Mark: £201,000
2016At Eye Level: cash donation80,000
July 2016Joe, Matt, Aine, Gary W, Elena, Jackie W, John B, Mark S, Rachel, Stu, Mark H, Sergey: £484 through JustGiving for Solar Panels, Controller and Well Pump25,650
October 2016Route One Forwarding, Allelys, Moneypipe: Organisation and Shipping of the Solar Equipment
April 2017Joan: £402,100
April 2017Mark: £402,100
June 2017Dave and Catherine: £502,900
June 2017Joan: £301,750
June 2017Mark: £301,750
June 2017Ushi Heim and Meschede Kindergarten in Gambia eV37,000
June 2017Nick and Pauline: £1005,900
June 2017Dan Flint: £95660,000
June 2017Mark, Joan: £5360,000
July 2017Tim: £100060,000
July 2017Tony: £1005,900
September 2017Metalwork (roof, windows, doors)-32,000
September 2017Timber (roof)-21,600
September 2017Transportation of Materials-1,400
September 2017More Timber (roof)-270
September 2017Corrugated Sheet (roof)-1,500
September 2017Labour-13,000
September 2017Dan Flint: £19112,000